• A&B Laboratorios 

Established in 2001, the Spanish company A&B Laboratorios “observes how nature cleans and behaves” and accordingly produces their products by combining clean technologies and biotechnology.

Their products provide effective and efficient environmentally friendly solutions for cleaning, disinfection, industrial maintenance and water treatment sectors.

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  • Arco Chimica 

For over 20 years, the Italian highly innovative company has been manufacturing products that cater to the cleaning and sanitation industry. It’s products are used in hospitals, hotels, schools, shopping malls, and restaurants to name a few.  

Arco Chimica’s cleaning solutions are dosage based to ensure minimal waste while achieving an optimal cleaning mixture and storage solution.  

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  • Banana Products   

When it comes to warning signs, they should be designed to be noticed by as many people as possible and with the Banana cone design, Banana Products have nailed it. The unique shape of the banana cone draws more attention than the traditional signs and adds a humorous twist while promoting health and safety.

Stand out from the Bunch™ and draw attention to your wet floors with this unique product.

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  • Celtex 

Celtex, the innovative Italian manufacturer of tissue and non-woven products believes that every business, may it be public or privately owned, large or small, has its own specific hygiene needs and therefore requires its own solutions.

With more than 150 products and over 400 product variants; all of which hold up-to-date certifications, Celtex offers high quality, cost effective, eco-friendly and safe solutions for every working environment.

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  • DayMark

DayMark Safety Systems, the leader in personal, facility and food safety systems, was founded in Ohio in 1989. Their specialized products assist restaurants, hotels and other food service establishments to comply with FDA and other compliance codes in efficient, economical, and innovative ways.

DayMark, an innovator in the labeling field since 1997, carries an extensive line of labeling products that cater to all your needs.

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  • Fato

Part of the Lucart Group, Fato is the European leader in table-cover and placemat production, and the Italian national leader in the tissue paper production due to its flexibility, constant innovation and attentiveness to its consumer needs.

Fato’s products come in a multitude of designs and colors to suit all your moods and occasions.

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  • First Pack

The family-owned French company has been a leading manufacturer of innovative food service products for over 35 years.

Their expertise and in-depth knowledge of both the catering and packaging industries have enabled them to produce beautiful and elegant packaging products made of natural, organic and recyclable materials.

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  • Flybusters

Flybusters was formed to provide a pesticide-free solution to the ever increasing fly problem everywhere. The product is environmentally friendly, and safe for both humans and animals.

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  • Germstar 

In 2007 Soaptronic LLC started Germstar, its goal was and remains to promote the improvement of human health through infection-control worldwide.

The touchless dispensing system eliminates cross infection, and its surgical-quality hand sanitation solution leaves no sticky residue and has a light fresh scent.

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  • Goldplast

For over 30 years, the Italian company has been a leading manufacturer of innovative and beautifully designed table accessories that service the catering industry. By combining experience, high quality, and style, they are able to offer advanced solutions to their customers in all areas of the industry: finger food, table- and drinkware, drink safe, and cutlery sets.

Their collections come in a wide range of shapes and colors and are made of 100% recyclable raw materials.

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  • Handy Dryers 

Handy Dryers have a full range of hand dryers to suit every bathroom, commercial or otherwise. With cutting edge technology, their hand dryers blow away the competition and leave hands dry as a bone.

Today we demand better performance, lower energy consumption, enhanced features and most importantly sensible operating costs.  Handy Dryers provides all this and more: quiet and energy-efficient dryers, dryers that act as air fresheners, and dryers that kills 99.96% of airborne germs.


  • Horsleys

From hand sanitizers to hard surface cleaners, oven gloves to coffee syrup sachets, Horsleys has been servicing the airline industry since 1988.

It’s high-quality products, intimate understanding of the industry and competitive prices make Horsleys the perfect solution for all your airlines Hygiene, cleaning and personal care related needs.

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  • Hygolet

For nearly 40 years, the highly innovative Swiss company has been providing functional, reliable and cost effective solutions to various companies and facilities such as airports, hotels, hospitals and restaurants.

It’s products include the patented hygienic toilet seat, antibacterial floor mats, toilet brushes, waste bins, disinfectant dispensers, air fresheners and feminine sanitary disposal solutions.

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  • Infibra

Part of the Celtex family, Infibra specializes in the production of hygienic disposable items for the hotel, restaurant, and catering industries, and continuously develops new products and solutions to accommodate its customers’ needs.

Infibra’s colorful and stylish products include napkins, placemats, table linens and wet wipes.

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  • Lucart

As Europe’s largest producer of thin MG (Machine Glazed) paper and one of the top 10 European manufacturers of paper, tissue and air-laid products, the Italian brand Lucart offers your business high quality, cost-effective and eco-friendly solutions.

It’s innovative products service the professional, B2B and consumer markets, and maintain up-to-date certifications and standards.

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  • Natural Care

The Dead Sea is a great source of materials that have great cosmetic and medical advantages. Natural Care’s beauty and personal care products are produced and developed within a safe and hygienic environment that complies with international quality standards.  

Natural Care’s products are ideal for spas, beauty salons and as hotel amenities.

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  • Renova

Supermarket toilet paper aisles can appear boring and monotonous; endless rows of white.  Buying toilet paper is no fun at all.

Paulo Pereira da Silva, Renova’s CEO, wanted to change this and decided to revolutionize the industry by bringing colored toilet paper to the market.  This concept brought to life the very first black colored toilet paper.

Today, the Portuguese brand offers a wide range of high quality, safe, innovative and environmentally friendly products. Whether it’s toilet paper, kitchen towels, facial tissue, or napkins, Renova’s stylish and colorful designs are perfect for both home and body.

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  • Temca

For over two decades, the German company has been a leader in the washroom and industry hygiene; especially that of the food, medical and industrial fields.

It offers a wide range of non-woven fabrics, tissues and air-laid products in different sizes and dimensions, in addition to various dispensing systems.

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  • Tubeless

Tubeless provides innovative products and washroom solutions designed for everyday use in the away-from-home washroom.

It offers a complete range of products to meet all your washroom needs from various paper quality hand towels and toilet paper and skin care, to urinal cleansers and air fresheners.

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